We are what
we seek

The wines here have something different, they don’t show themselves immediately. They’re elusive, proud, sometimes lazy, always profound, immense.

Cascina Ebreo is a seed of lucid madness planted and tended in Novello, in the Langhe, in one of the most prestigious crus of the Barolo appellation: Ravera.

Cascina Ebreo is a free winery run by free winemakers.

Its story began with a name and a surname: Peter Weimer, but it’s not over yet. Because Cascina Ebreo is what it seeks.

It’s a restless and shifting spirit, experimental and elusive, an expedition to the known limits of wine. Beginning with a unique, exceptional terroir, Cascina Ebreo entrusts its identity to its exponents: time by time, year by year, they are the ones who listen to the voice and the spirit of Cascina Ebreo with a calm heart but an open vision.



Cascina Ebreo is a challenge to the conventional, not a conventional challenge.

I don't like

It has a deep love of wine and accepts all its contradictions: this is the necessary madness of love.

It always treats wine responsibly, as an adult: it doesn’t rein it in, modify it or denature it. It waits until it’s ready. For months, years, decades if that’s what it takes. And it’s not afraid to show its workings, warts and all.