You shall have no other wine before your own choice

What is it that floats your boat? Who is it that touches your deepest self? Who sings the sweetest song, who quiets you and spurs you on? You are your wine: with all the contradictions, mistakes and defects that make you unique.

You shall take my name in vain

I’m on the lips of many, but in the glass of few. I’m not easy, nor do I want to be; I make allowances for no one, but I give myself fully. If you really want to say my name, then say it: it’ll be in vain.

Every wine is non-natural

Do you want wine or vinegar? I make wine: it’s natural, but it’s wine. I am Ravera, the mysterious essence of Barolo. I can tell my own story and undergo my own evolution. I don’t change nature: I feel it, respect it and guide it.

There’s no such thing as wine, only interpretations

I’m an idea that becomes form. I’m a substance that becomes a spirit. Within me tradition and flashes of genius coexist; stars and subsoil. I live not by certainties, but by choosing intuition and interpretation.

I vinify the blues

Listen to me. I’m a heart-wrenching and mysterious story. A rough and gently melancholic tale. I am the murky undertone that scares yet attracts you.

I don’t like labels

I don’t like definitions, I don’t like ceremony. I don’t like traditions repeated unthinkingly.

Remember the lapses and keep them holy

Perfection has a serious defect: it tends to be pretty boring. Remember to respect lapses, because defects are what makes you unique, because they are where your soul resides.

You shall not covet the release of others

Willing for anything, ready for nothing. I’ll be released when I’m “ready” and if I’m “ready”. I have no past to defend, only a future to prove.

You shall not kill me

Do not forget my land, my vineyard, my clusters. Love my grape as yourself. Do not kill me, nor adulate me. Try tasting me.

Drink non-responsibly

Drinking wine does not mean dulling the senses, but sharpening them, gaining new awareness. Drink non-responsibly. Take responsibility for pleasure. Drink and be happy.